Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Set up LLAP

You can quickly set up low-latency analytical processing (LLAP) for typical use in Ambari. Ambari wizards guide you to set properties that work best for interactive querying in your environment.

  1. In Ambari, select Services > Hive > Configs > Settings.
  2. In Interactive Query, set Enable Interactive Query to Yes:
  3. In Select HiveServer Interactive Host, select the server to host HiveServer Interactive.
    For example, accept the default highlighted server, which is typically a good choice.
  4. In Interactive Query Queue, typically accept llap, which is the default in most cases unless you set up a custom YARN queue for LLAP:
    This setting dedicates all the LLAP daemons and all the YARN Application Masters of the system to the single, specified queue.
  5. Set the Number of Nodes Used By Hive LLAP to 1:
    To set the value outside the slider range, you move your pointer over the field to enable the hover actions, and select Override.
  6. Accept the Maximum Total Concurrent Queries.
  7. Make changes to other settings to suit your environment, or accept the defaults:
  8. If the Dependent Configurations window appears, review recommendations and accept or reject the recommendations.
  9. Click Actions > Restart All.
  10. Select Services > Hive > Summary and verify that HiveServer Interactive is set up and started.