DLM Release Notes
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Known Issues

DLM has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release. Where available, a workaround has been provided.

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Summary

Restart of HiveServer2 and Knox

Problem: HS2 failover requires knox restart if cookie use is enabled for HS2

Description: When HiveServer2 is accessed via Knox Gateway and HiveServer2 has cookie-based authentication enabled, a HiveServer2 restart requires that Knox also be restarted to get Knox-HiveServer2 interaction working again.

Workaround: Set hive.server2.thrift.http.cookie.auth.enabled=false in hive-site.xml in Ambari.

BUG-111066 DLM UI Problem: DLM app start succeeds even with wrong master password for DataPlane Service keystore

Description: After upgrading DLM app from older version of 1.1.3 to , all the cloud credentials were marked as unregistered.

Workaround: Re-install the DLP App and initiate the app again. Provide the valid password to proceed.

BUG-112068 Atlas Problem: Atlas replication does not work for incremental changes.

Description: Incremental export not seen with fresh HDP installation.

Workaround: Restart Atlas service once and later all incremental atlas replication works correctly.

BUG-114953 DLM UI

ProblemIncorrect statistics displayed for failed replication job.