DLM Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DLM 1.3.0 release

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-115433 Atlas Atlas replication gets enabled during the policy update
BUG-115082 DLM UI List DBs in DLM UI takes longer
BUG-114858 Cloud replication Replication of same dataset to Amazon S3 and Microsoft WASB fails
BUG-113827 HDFS replication Support HDFS replication between HA and non-HA clusters
BUG-113023 Hive replication NOTIFICATION_LOG cleanup interval is hardcoded as 60s and is very small
BUG-111887 Hive replication Hive bootstrap missing partitions in replicated db
BUG-111470 Hive Hive On-Premise - On-Premise replication fails with "com.hortonworks.beacon.exceptions.BeaconException: SQL Exception occurred" exception
BUG-111639 Replication policy Creating policy with the same name as existing one doesn't throw any error or exit policy creation wizard
BUG-111375 Hive replication Hive configuration to be set in remote cluster to reduce repl command execution time in cloud replication