DLM Release Notes
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What’s New in this Release

The DLM Service 1.3.0 release includes the following new features:

Summary Category Description
Google Cloud Storage replication Feature DLM supports replication of HDFS and Hive data between On-Premise and Google Cloud storage.
New roles added to support authorization levels in DLM: DLM Admin and DLM User Feature

DLM now supports these three roles:

  • DLM User to manage the replication policies which are already setup.
  • DLM Admin can setup new replication policies and manage them.

  • Infra Admin - In addition to DLM Admin capabilities, Infra Admin can setup snapshot-based HDFS replication policies.
Support for HDP 3.1 clusters Platform
  • Replication of HDFS and Hive data from HDP 2.6.5 to HDP 3.1 clusters is now supported. Please refer to the DLM Administration document for details of Hive table conversion during this replication.

    Cloud replication from HDP 3.1 clusters is not supported.