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New Features

SmartSense 1.4.2 includes the following new features:

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When capturing Hive query data for support case troubleshooting you can specify a "Hive Query ID" to identify the job that needs troubleshooting. Refer to Capturing for Troubleshooting.


The Recommendations History page now includes pagination. To load the next page, click on Load More.


The Recommendations History page now includes a search bar, allowing you to filter the entries displayed.


The contextual information about the Account Name, SmartSense ID, Cluster Name, Number of Agents, and SmartSense Version was removed from the SmartSense View pages and added to the About section accessible by clicking on the menu.

ST-2718The hst upgrade-ambari-service command can now be used in a non-interactive mode. If you'd like to use this mode, specify the optional input parameters when executing the command. Refer to In-Place Upgrade with Ambari 2.5 and In-Place Upgrade with Ambari 2.4.

The hst purge command includes new options:

  • hst purge -h <retention_days>: All the bundles which are older than the number provided in retention days will be hard purged.

  • hst purge -b <bundle_id> : Hard purge the bundle whose ID was provided.

Refer to Cleaning Up Old Bundles.

SmartSense 1.4.2 includes the following improvements, and behavioral changes:

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ST-2734Create get-gateway-details api which can be used for alerts.
ST-2754Add a "captureCompletionTime" field for bundles to indicate when was bundle capture process finished.
ST-2785Various UI improvements for SmartSense Ambari View.
ST-2790Remove update config action on every capture; instead, do it only upon agent register.
ST-2907In history, if a recommendation cannot be reverted, it should specify a reason for not being able to revert.
ST-2952Remove some redundant messages during SmartSense 1.3.1 upgrade to 1.4.0.
ST-2965Add ipv6 anonymization anonymization rule.
ST-2967Add MAC address anonymization rule.
ST-2973Use appropriate parsers instead of regex for all property-based anonymization rules.
ST-2977Add back-off strategy for fetching a recommendation.
ST-2989Various UI improvements for SmartSense Ambari View.
ST-2992Upgrade gateway configs if not available during upgrade.
ST-2994Add spacing between hive query button and tez dag dropdown.
ST-3033Resolve de-anonymization concurrency issues.
ST-3065Add ability to capture product specific custom information in metadata.
ST-3070Unregister multiple hosts with a single click.
ST-3073Collection Script: Support condition in the executor.
ST-3092Highlight location of recommendation that was moved out from the list.
ST-3136Format server messages appropriately.
ST-3206Capture "HiveServer2 Interactive" component.
ST-3227Collect Hive mysql_server component.
ST-3228Capture and transform Amabari Infra service.
ST-3233Collect spark and spark2 separately.
ST-3242Create path for UpgradeService.

Additionally, SmartSense 1.4.2 introduces the following documentation updates:

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ST-2701The new Configuration Guidelines section describes configuration properties related to SmartSense components and provides tuning guidelines.