Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following fixes have been implemented in SmartSense 1.4.2:

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HWX Jira


ST-2631When check_command fails, the agent stops.
ST-2736Discrepancies in bundle's "Created" and "Duration" when the bundle is in capturing/assembling state.
ST-2756Process information report is not captured for some components.
ST-2772Hive query capture fails in absence of dag_id.
ST-2826Login on HST UI / port 9000 needs twice login.
ST-2837Hitting Enter in any input field on the Capture page resets the page.
ST-2874Already reopened recommendations can be reopened again and again.
ST-2878When no recommendations are displayed, the page should not show the search box and "Recommendations as of" page elements.
ST-2886Feedback is not storing the non-ascii characters properly in the DB.
ST-2896"Recommendations" timezone is same as the browser timezone whereas "Get Latest" timezone is UTC.
ST-2897During application capture, need to handle application of type YARN.
ST-2899During application capture, need to handle PIG script properly in Hive query capture.
ST-2901During application capture, basic validation is required for the type and id entered.
ST-2936Anonymization by JSONPATH with conditions does not work.
ST-2936Recommendations export takes too long to start download.
ST-2940Warning message on the Recommendation details page needs formatting for empty values.
ST-2944On the History page when feedback is entered, expanded recommendation gets collapsed.
ST-2945Multiple pop-ups are displayed at same time when rating recommendations.
ST-2946Rating and Feedback in a Recommendation item is updated even before submitting.
ST-2947Feedback pop-up in the Recommendation History goes too far out to the right on the page.
ST-2948Affected hosts border is missing in Recommendations History.
ST-2951Recommendations cannot be reverted out of order.
ST-2956On the Recommendation page, flickering of the page happens when closing the detail dialog box.
ST-2998An IP address in the middle of other string is not getting anonymized.
ST-2999Interpreter.json contain key 'phoenix.password' which is not anonymized.
ST-3000Password anonymization might break the file format.
ST-3002Incorrect SmartSense version is shown.
ST-3029SmrtSense does not clear the stale lock and gets struck indefinitely
ST-3038UI handles error codes incorrectly.
ST-3062When all the recommendations are applied, history page is not available.
ST-3064Bundle creation fails.
ST-3067New anonymization rule is set only on HST server host.
ST-3094HST application capture for Hive does not execute ApplicationInit for component collection.
ST-3095If /etc/issue file is not present, it outputs "No such file or directory" in each of the hst commands. Also, it causes rule "os_dns_latency" to fail.
ST-3114Recommendations not generated for NAT runs.
ST-3117Load environment variables across bundle lifecycle.
ST-3121Update the component picklist.
ST-3122SmartSense remote command execution should be through 'captureschedule' API endpoint.
ST-3124Change SmartSense handling of dfs.nameservices in HA environment.
ST-3150Change log level of "No components collection required for service..." to DEBUG.
ST-3153Get Latest Recommendations response page gets stuck.
ST-3192Enabling SSL on HST server breaks SmartSense Ambari View.
ST-3200Capture spec upgrade fails to merge application_diagnostics report.
ST-3201Activity Explorer setting is not applied.
ST-3203Upgrade failure on debian 7.
ST-3218Tez CriticalPathAnalyzer consumes a lot of CPU and also generates lots of logs.
ST-3243In some environments THP collection script is not working.
ST-3249When gateway is enabled and it's embedded, false alert 'SmartSense Gateway is not-reachable' is generated.
ST-3261Active namenode in HA should skip names which are not part of the current cluster.