Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Save LLAP settings and restart services

You need to save LLAP settings at the bottom of the Ambari wizard and restart services in the proper order to activate low-latency analytical processing (LLAP).

  1. Click Save at the bottom of the wizard.
  2. If the Dependent Configurations window appears, review recommendations and accept or reject the recommendations.
  3. Navigate to the each service, starting with the first one listed under Ambari Services, and restart any services as required.
  4. Select Services > Hive > Summary and verify that HiveServer Interactive is set up and started.
    If HiveServer Interactive does not start, look at the error message, which might say something like, "Failed: Working memory (Xmx=1.70GB) has to be smaller than the container sizing (1.00GB)". In this case, search for the LLAP heap size property in Ambari > Services > Hive > Configs > Advanced, and set it to 272, for example. In the Ambari > Services > Hive > Configs UI, set the in memory cache per daemon in the to 0.