Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Configure an llap queue

You set up an interactive query queue named llap by pointing the Hive service to a YARN queue, which you configure if necessary.

  1. In Ambari, select Hive > Configs.
  2. In Interactive Query Queue, choose the llap queue if it appears as a selection:
    Depending on your YARN Capacity Scheduler settings, a queue named llap might or might not appear.This setting dedicates all the LLAP daemons and all the YARN Application Masters of the system to the single, specified queue.
  3. In Ambari, select Services > YARN > YARN Queue Manager from Views.
  4. If a llap queue does not exist, add a queue named llap. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  5. If the llap queue is stopped, change the state to running.
  6. Set the llap queue capacity and max capacity.
    For example, set llap queue capacity to 50% and max capacity to 50%.
  7. Select llap queue (50% in this example) in the list of queues under Add Queue, and in Resources, set the priority to greater than 0 (set 1 for example).
  8. Select Actions > Save and Refresh Queues.
  9. Restart any services as required.