Configuring Fault Tolerance
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Configuring Fault Tolerance

You can configure fault tolerance in Hortonworks Data Platform in the following ways:

  • Configure high availability using Apache Ambari - Use the Ambari's wizard-driven interface to configure high availability of the components.
  • Configure high availability on non-Ambari clusters - You can configure HA on Hive Metastore, HiveServer2 instances, HBase, and NameNodes on HDFS. You can also configure HA for Resource Manager on YARN and Apache Ranger.
  • Protect HDFS data and metadata - You can configure accidental deletion of files and use HDFS snapshots for data protection.

Apache Ambari High Availability

Ambari web provides a wizard-driven user experience that enables you to configure high availability of the components in many Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) stack services. High availability is assured through establishing primary and secondary components. In the event that the primary component fails or becomes unavailable, the secondary component is available. After configuring high availability for a service, Ambari enables you to manage and disable (roll back) high availability of components in that service.

See the Ambari documentation for more information about configuring High Availability using Ambari.