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Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.0 and HCP 1.4.2

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.5.0 and HCP 1.4.2.

Table 1.6. Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.0 and HCP 1.4.2

METRON-1419Create a SolrDao
METRON-1421Solr Metaalerts
METRON-1423Ambari work to handle Solr configuration
METRON-1424Kerberos: Solr
METRON-1436Manually Install Solr Cloud in Full Dev
METRON-1441Create complementary Solr schemas for the main sensors
METRON-1448Update SolrWriter to conform to new collection strategy
METRON-1464Convert schemas to be compatible with Solr 5.5.2
METRON-1482Update REST to work with Solr
METRON-1503Alerts are not getting populated in alerts UI when search engine is Solr
METRON-1526Location field types cause DocValuesField appear more than once error
METRON-1540Solr Integration tests should use actual schemas
METRON-1548Remove hardcoded source:type from Alerts UI