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Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.0 and Apache Metron 0.4.2

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.5.0 and Apache Metron 0.4.2.

Table 1.7. Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.0 and Apache Metron 0.4.2

METRON-1577Solr searches don't include the index of the result
METRON-1548Remove hardcoded source:type from Alerts UI
METRON-1564Full dev kafka has offsets.topic.replication.factor set to 3 instead of 1
METRON-1552Add gzip file validation check to the geo loader
METRON-1551Profiler Should Not Use Java Serialization
METRON-1549Add empty object test to WriterBoltIntegrationTest implementation
METRON-1541Mvn clean results in git status having deleted files
METRON-1461MIN MAX stellar function should take a stats or list object and return min/max
METRON-1184EC2 Deployment - Updating control_path to accommodate for Linux
METRON-1530Default proxy config settings in metron-contrib need to be updated
METRON-1421Solr Metaalerts
METRON-1545Upgrade Spring and Spring Boot
METRON-1543Unable to Set Parser Output Topic in Sensor Config
METRON-1540Solr Integration tests should use actual schemas
METRON-1526Location field types cause DocValuesField appear more than once error
METRON-1539Specialized RENAME field transformer
METRON-1520Add caching for stellar field transformations
METRON-1529CONFIG_GET Fails to Retrieve Latest Config When Run in Zeppelin REPL
METRON-1511Unable to Serialize Profiler Configuration
METRON-1528Fix missing file in metron.spec
METRON-1445Update performance tuning guide with more explicit parameter instructions
METRON-1502Upgrade Doxia plugin to 1.8
METRON-1527Remove dead test file sitting in source folder
METRON-1499Enable Configuration of Unified Enrichment Topology via Ambari
METRON-1515Errors loading stellar functions currently bomb the entire topology, they should be recoverable
METRON-1522Fix the typo errors at profile debugger readme
METRON-1519Indexing Error Topic Property Not Displayed in MPack
METRON-1347Indexing Topology should fail tuples without a source.type
METRON-1503Alerts are not getting populated in alerts UI when search engine is Solr
METRON-1521JSONMapParser is no longer serializable
METRON-1516Support for Ansible 2.5.0
METRON-1494Profiler Emits Messages to Kafka When Not Needed
METRON-1510Update Metron website to include info about github update subscription
METRON-1518Build Failure When Using Profile HDP-
METRON-1465Support for Elasticsearch X-pack
METRON-1504Enriching missing values does not match the semantics between the new enrichment topology and old
METRON-1505Intermittent Profiler Integration Test Failure
METRON-1449Set ZooKeeper URL for Stellar Running in Zeppelin Notebook
METRON-1462Separate ES and Kibana from Metron Mpack
METRON-1501Parser messages that fail to validate are dropped silently
METRON-1497Rest endpoint '/api/v1/search/search' needs to handle null when elastic search response return null for getAggregations
METRON-1500Enhance 'prepare-commit' to Support Feature Branches
METRON-1424Kerberos: Solr
METRON-1491The indexing topology restart logic is wrong
METRON-590Enable Use of Event Time in Profiler
METRON-1483Create a tool to monitor performance of the topologies
METRON-1487Define Performance Benchmarks for Enrichment Topology
METRON-1493Unhelpful Error Message When Assignment Expressions Fail
METRON-1397Support for JSON Path and complex documents in JSONMapParser
METRON-1299In MetronError tests, don't test for HostName if getHostName wouldn't work
METRON-1485Upgrade vagrant for dev environments
METRON-1488user_settings hbase table does not have acls set up for kerberos
METRON-1490Better error message when user specifies an enrichment type that doesn't exist
METRON-1468Add support for apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka to prepare-commit
METRON-1471Migrate shuffle connections to local or shuffle
METRON-1482Update REST to work with Solr
METRON-1464Convert schemas to be compatible with Solr 5.5.2
METRON-1467Replace guava caches in places where the keyspace might be large
METRON-1463Adjust the groupings and shuffles in enrichment to be more efficient
METRON-1460Create a complementary non-split-join enrichment topology
METRON-1470Update jquery to version 3+
METRON-1450Add REST endpoint docs for index topology split
METRON-1337List of facets should not be hardcoded
METRON-1452Rebase Dev Environment on Latest CentOS 6
METRON-1423Ambari work to handle Solr configuration
METRON-1457Move ASF links to main page in the Metron website
METRON-1394Create Rest endpoint to add the ACL for current user to kafka topics
METRON-941native PaloAlto parser corrupts message when having a comma in the payload
METRON-1386Fix Metron Website Required Links
METRON-1455Patch and Replace methods in the REST UpdateController return 400
METRON-1318Update MacOS Instructions for AWS
METRON-1448Update SolrWriter to conform to new collection strategy
METRON-1451On Centos full dev, Metron Indexing shows up as stopped
METRON-1444Add Ubuntu Repositories for Elasticsearch to the Mpack
METRON-1273Website documentation link should point to the current site-book
METRON-1447Heap Size Not Set Correctly by MPack for ES 5.x
METRON-1441Create complementary Solr schemas for the main sensors
METRON-1446Fix openjdk issue with Ubuntu
METRON-1442Split rest end points for indexing topology into random access indexing and batch indexing
METRON-1443Missing Critical MPack Install Instruction for Ubuntu
METRON-1436Manually Install Solr Cloud in Full Dev
METRON-1438STELLAR: Move shell functions to common from metron-management
METRON-1435Management UI cannot save json objects in advanced config
METRON-1419Create a SolrDao
METRON-1439Turn off git pager in platform-info script
METRON-1091STELLAR Shell: Stand Alone installation
METRON-1427Add support for storm 1.1 and hdp 2.6
METRON-1391Typos in Documentation/Examples within metron-management/
METRON-1389Zeppelin notebook import does not work with Ambari 2.6
METRON-1432JDK Install Fails on Ubuntu Development Environment
METRON-1431Add REGEXP_REPLACE function to Stellar
METRON-1410Some more upgrade fallout... Can't restart Metron Indexing
METRON-1370Create Full Dev Equivalent for Ubuntu
METRON-1430Isolate jackson from being used as arguments or returns from JSONUtils
METRON-1398Exclude the basic-error-controller from being added to the swagger description
METRON-1392Fix a test case to expect an Exception when replication factor more than number of brokers while creating topic
METRON-1413Add Metron Commit Tool
METRON-1429SearchIntegrationTest refactor
METRON-1426SensorIndexingConfigControllerIntegrationTest fails intermittently
METRON-1417Disable pcap-service by default in Monit
METRON-1400Elasticsearch service check fails in Ambari
METRON-1428Travis build failing from metron-config
METRON-1302Split up Indexing Topology into batch and random access sections
METRON-1395Documentation missing for Produce a message to a Kafka topic Rest API endpoint
METRON-1411Fix sed command in
METRON-1326Metron deploy with Kerberos fails on Ambari 2.5 during ES service stop
METRON-1380Create a typosquatting use-case
METRON-1230As a stopgap prior to METRON-777, add more simplistic sideloading of custom Parsers
METRON-1378Create a summarizer
METRON-1231Separate Sensor name and topic in the Management UI
METRON-1382Run Stellar in a Zeppelin Notebook
METRON-1396Fix .gitignore files to not ignore themselves
METRON-1366Add an entropy stellar function
METRON-1390Swagger UI for "Web Security Config" Controller needs request method
METRON-1393Fix bro Elasticsearch template
METRON-1379Add an OBJECT_GET stellar function
METRON-939Upgrade ElasticSearch and Kibana
METRON-1377Stellar function to generate typosquatted domains
METRON-1385Missing "properties" in index template causes ElasticsearchColumnMetadataDao.getColumnMetadata to fail
METRON-1388update public web site to point at 0.4.2 new release
METRON-1362Improve Metron Deployment README
METRON-1384Increment master version number to 0.4.3 for on-going development
METRON-1381Add Apache license to MD files and remove the Rat exclusion
METRON-1373RAT failure for metron-interface/metron-alerts
METRON-1351Create Installable Packages for Ubuntu Trusty
METRON-1376RC Check Script should have named parameters
METRON-1365Allow PROFILE_GET to return a default value for a profile and entity that does not have a value written
METRON-1348Metron Service Checks Use Wrong Hostname
METRON-1350Add reservoir sampling functions to Stellar
METRON-1374Script the RC checking process
METRON-1372Validate JIRA for Releases
METRON-1345Update EC2 README for custom Ansible
METRON-1349Full Dev Builds Metron Twice
METRON-1343Swagger UI for User Controller needs request method
METRON-1306When index template install fails, we should fail the install
METRON-1341Projection FieldTransformation (simonellistonball