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Registering Microsoft WASB cloud account

You must have valid WASB credentials to register the cloud account with DLM.

  1. Create a storage account in WASB. The Access key can be retrieved from the WASB storage account. The Access Key is used in DLM UI to set up the cloud account credentials.
  2. In the DLM UI navigation pane, select Cloud Credentials > Add.
  3. Enter the WASB cloud details in the Add Cloud Credential window:
    • Cloud Storage Type - Select the replication cloud account from the drop-down.
    • Name - Provide a unique cloud credential name.
    • Storage Account Name - Provide a name for the storage account.
    • Access Key - Paste the Access Key generated from the newly created storage account.
  4. Click Save to save the changes. Verify that your credentials are listed on the Cloud Credentials page.