DLM Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DLM 1.1.2 and HDP

Table 1. DLM 1.1.2 - fixed issues
Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-108239 Policy Monitoring Allow rerun for FAILED_ADMIN status of policy instance.
BUG-105953 Policy Monitoring Replication job logs were missing on UI when selecting “View Logs”. It says “Log is empty”.
BUG-105691 Installation Add verification step for Beacon Knox SSO setup.
BUG-105790 Policy Scheduling HDFS replication policy stuck in progress mode.
BUG-100948 Replication Policy Make delete replication policy faster by just marking the policy as deleted.
BUG-108765 Policy Scheduling Handle MySQL connection failure for long running replication jobs.
BUG-108688 HDFS Replication HDFS file browser failure for one million files.
BUG-108068 Policy Monitoring Update replication metrics even when progress is not updated.
BUG-107590 Policy Scheduling Handle single replication job edge cases after DLM engine restart.
BUG-107466 Ranger Replication Added ranger connection and read timeout.

Replication policy create failure when directory name conflicts.

HDFS: Onprem to Onprem: Parent dataset identification failed.

Hive cloud cluster setup

Hive Replication [ Onprem to Cloud ] not working when using Credential providers.

Replication failure in TDE setup

Beacon user is not added to KMS policy by default 4.
Table 2. HDP - fixed issues
Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-108584 Hive Replication Running long running load (incr/bootstrap) causing OOM error.
BUG-107939 Hive Replication Running task parallel is taking more time if the task execution time is small.
BUG-100998 Hive cloud replication DLM: Hive cloud replication succeeds, but doesn't copy the data.