DLM Release Notes
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What’s New in this Release

New features and changes have been introduced for DLM Service 1.1.2 that impact the DLM App or DLM Engine components. Updates to the DLM documentation have been made to reflect these changes.

The DLM Service 1.1.2 release includes the following new feature:

Feature Category Description
Synchronization for cluster configuration. Cluster configuration DLM maintains the HDP cluster configuration to enable cross-cluster communication. This feature allows the infrastructure administrator to refresh the cluster configuration in DLM, during HDP cluster changes like configuration changes or upgrades.
Cluster version information in DLM. DLM UI As a DLM Administrator, you can view various version-related details on the DLM user interface:
  • DLM Engine version
  • HDP version on each cluster
Policy editing Replication policies Replication policies can now be edited from the DLM App UI, from the policy Actions menu.