Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
Also available as:

Upgrade HDF services

  1. Confirm that the NiFi components are installed along with version (
    [root@host registry]# yum list installed | grep nifi
  2. Display the current version associated with each component. In the below example, is current version.
    [root@host registry]# hdf-select status | grep nifi
    nifi -<build-no>
    nifi-registry -<build-no>
  3. Use hdf-select to ensure appropriate links to new installed version.
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set nifi<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set nifi -registry<build-no>
  4. Confirm that hdf-select shows the new version for the HDF services you updated.
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select status | grep
    nifi -<build-no>
    nifi-registry -<build-no>
  5. Log into Ambari and start NiFi and NiFi Registry.
  6. You may add Schema Registry or SAM to your cluster, as needed.