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Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.1 and Apache Metron 0.5.0

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.5.1 and Apache Metron 0.5.0.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.5.1 and HCP 1.4.2
Feature Description
METRON-508 Expand Elasticsearch templates to support the standard bro logs
METRON-986 Enhance Fastcapa to Support Intel X520
METRON-990 Clean up and organize flux properties
METRON-1007 Ship the metron-management jar as part of the mpack install
METRON-1012 Update Metron public web site for 0.4.0 release
METRON-1014 StellarShell class name typo
METRON-1021 increment metron version number to 0.4.1 in poms etc
METRON-1489 Retrofit UI tests to run reliably during nightly QE runs
METRON-1624 Set Profiler and Enrichment batch parameters in Ambari
METRON-1634 Alerts UI add comment doesn't immediately show up
METRON-1637 Wrong path to escalate alert REST endpoint