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Starting and Stopping Parsers

You might want to stop or start parsers as you refine or focus your cybersecurity monitoring. You can easily stop and start parsers by using Ambari.

To start or stop a parser, complete the following steps:

  1. Display the Ambari tool and navigate to Services > Metron > Summary.

    Figure 4.9. Ambari Metron Summary Window

  2. Click Metron Parsers to display the Components window.

    The Components window displays a list of Metron hosts and which components reside on each host.

    Figure 4.10. Components Window

  3. Click Started/Stopped to change the status of the Parsers; then click Confirmation.

  4. In the Background Operation Running dialog box, click Stop Metron Parsers.

  5. In the Stop Metron Parsers dialog box, click the entry for your Metron cluster; then click Metron Parser Stop.

    Ambari displays a dialog box for your Metron cluster which lists the actions as is stops the parsers.