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Software Requirements

The host that you choose to use to deploy Apache Metron must have the following software tools installed:

  • Hadoop (HDP 2.5.x or HDP 2.6.x recommended)

    • Apache Hadoop 2.7.3

    • Apache Storm 1.0.1

    • Apache Kafka

    • Apache HBase 1.1.2

    • Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6


      Supervisor, Kafka Broker, and the HBase client must be installed on the Metron Install Host.

  • MySQL

  • Node.js repository installed on the Management UI host

    You can add the Node.js from Node.js Package Manager documentation

  • Installable during the Ambari installation of HCP

    The following software is required for HCP, but this software can be installed manually or during the HCP Ambari installation. Hortonworks recommends that you wait to install this software until the Ambari installation of HCP.

    • Elasticsearch 2.3.3

    • Kibana 4.5.1