HDP 2.6 includes major enhancements and new features of the following Data Access components of Apache:

  • Hive
  • Tez
  • HBase
  • Phoenix
  • Druid

Hive and Tez

To complement the G.A. release of Hive low-latency analytical processing (LLAP), the Hive Performance Tuning Guide has been completely rewritten to focus on how to optimize your environment and queries for interactive processing. While the guide is tailored to run a Hive data warehouse on the Tez framework, the new edition still has relevant tips and links to information for users who do batch processing on a MapReduce framework.

Important debugging and optimization tools to get the most out of your Hive queries and your architecture are documented in Hive View 2.0 in Ambari and Tez View, both of which introduce improvements over earlier versions of Ambari Views.

SQL-standard ACID MERGE support in HDP 2.6 raises the bar for Hive data management capabilities by efficiently performing record-level INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations within tables.

HBase and Phoenix

HDP 2.6 also provides a Technical Preview of HBase and Phoenix features before they are released with full support.

HBase Quota Management details how you can add and manage storage quotas and violation policies, which can ease administering of a multitenant HBase environment.

If you use Phoenix as a skin on an HBase database, try out the Phoenix Repair Tool. The tool checks the integrity of the Phoenix system catalog and lets you decide whether to proceed with correction of flagged issues.


Another Technical Preview feature of HDP 2.6 is Druid, which is a data store designed for online analytical processing (OLAP) queries on event data. See Real-Time Data Analytics with Druid for installation, configuration, and security steps using Ambari. The Druid chapter also provides links to more resources for learning how to use Druid.