A new guide is available for Workflow Manager (WFM), which is a new Ambari View in HDP 2.6.0. There are also minor updates to other data movement documents.

Workflow Management Guide

Workflow Manager View allows you to easily create and schedule big data processing tasks as defined workflows and monitor the workflow jobs. It is based on the Apache Oozie workflow engine.

Workflow Manager is comprised of two components: a designer and a dashboard. You create your workflows, coordinators, and bundles in the design component. Workflows are created using a visual graphing tool, so you can immediately see the relationships of all the nodes in the flow.

After the workflow is created and submitted, you can monitor the resulting job in the dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview of each running job, as well as details and logs for each job.

The Workflow Management guide steps you through creating a workflow and monitoring a job. It also provides a sample use case for ETL, using Sqoop and Hive.

Information about configuring a WFM View is available in the Apache Ambari Views guide.

Data Movement and Integration Guide

Updates to the DMI guide include:

Apache Flume Component Guide

Added deprecation notice for Flume in HDP 2.6.0. No other documentation updates.

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