Today we rolled out a new documentation home page along with new site navigation, library index pages, and custom search.

Shaun Au designed the site, and James Dilworth implemented it. We’re using the Jekyll static site generator, which provides Sass CSS preprocessing and Liquid HTML templating. We’re using Font Awesome for incidental graphics and the flexible Don’t Overthink It grid system.

(For completeness, although not updated this cycle, we create our primary documentation pages in DocBook with oXygen XML Author and transform it to HTML and PDF with the DocBook Style Sheets using Maven and the Rackspace/OpenStack Docs Maven Plug-in through Jenkins.)

We’re using Apache Solr for site search. A great deal of the deployment was implemented by Charan Kooram, one of our 2016 Hortonworks interns, currently wrapping up his master’s degree at the University of Texas, Dallas. (Hortonworks Intership Program participants are called “HIPsters!”) We created a Python program to load the search database with relevant text from our site HTML, ignoring header, footer, and navigation content. We use Solr’s RESTful API and AJAX to pass JSON messages between our site and the server.

A great deal of work went into the redesign. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially people not specifically mentioned above. We have a long list of improvements on tap. Come back often to watch the evolution.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts. Tag your HCC comments with “Documentation” so they’re quickly routed to us.