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Configuring Bundle Upload

SmartSense Gateway is automatically configured with HTTPS so you don't normally need to perform this configuration. However, if a specific custom configuration is required by your corporate network firewall policies, you can use these instructions to configure SmartSense Gateway to upload bundles by using HTTPS:

Configuring the Gateway to Use HTTPS

You can configure the gateway to use HTTPS to upload bundles to Hortonworks by using the connectivity and configuration details available in this article: (To view this article, you need a valid Hortonworks support account).

To use an authenticated HTTP or HTTPS proxy to upload bundles to Hortonworks, follow these steps:


If you would like to set up HTTPS proxy, you must contact Hortonworks Support.

  1. On the SmartSense Gateway host, edit the /etc/hst/conf/gateway/hst-gateway.ini file and supply the appropriate values for your environment:

    ; All proxy configurations are applicable only for HTTPS provider type 
    ; set to true to set up a proxy between gateway and SmartSense environment 
    ; fully qualified proxy hostname 
    ; proxy port that will be used by gateway for outbound access 
    ; supported proxy types : HTTP / HTTPS [default:HTTP] 
    ; supported proxy authentication  types : NONE / BASIC / DIGEST [default:NONE] 
    ; proxy username for identified auth.type 
    ; proxy password for identified auth.type 
    ; [optional] any additional proxy setup parameters  
    ; use "|" to separate multiple parameters 
    ; for example: digest requires setting parameters such as 
    ; realm=default|nonce=12GHtqeZA!7Ke43 
  2. After you update the configuration file, restart the SmartSense Gateway:

    hst gateway restart