Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following fixes have been implemented in SmartSense 1.4.0:

Table 1.3. Fixed Issues

HWX Jira

Resolution Description

ST-2667SmartSense won't install if HDFS is not installed
ST-2660Incorrect account name formatting if it contains '&'
ST-2207When there's a cyclic soft link in config, HST will fill the disk
ST-2972HDFS Dashboard data issues
ST-2833HST Server fails to start on a non-root Ambari environment with NN HA
ST-2716Agent status command gets stuck for a long time
ST-2681SmartSense hst capture overwrites root user credential cache
ST-2577Remove additional S3 property values from core-site.xml
ST-2571JaasConfParser parsing the .conf file when keyTab or principal is not passed
ST-2563KMS SSL KEYSTORE PASS anonymization rule is configured incorrectly
ST-2555SmartSense reports error on capture if the case number has zeroes in the front
ST-2549Gateway startup fails when using a proxy
ST-2546HBase is captured even when it's not installed
ST-2503Host names are overlaying the 'Contains Logs' section
ST-2498Point HST FE App to correct Ambari host list endpoint
ST-2229SmartSense Analysis marks all services as containing diagnostic data
ST-1372Partial bundle data on server should be auto cleaned