Managing Alert Policies
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Creating an Alert Policy

You can use SMM to create an alert policy in your environment.

Perform the following steps to create an alert policy:

  1. From the left navigation pane, select Alerts.
    The Alerts Overview page appears.
  3. Click ADD NEW to create a new alert policy.
    The Alert Policy window appears.
  4. Configure the following properties:
    NAME Enter a unique name for the alert policy.
    DESCRIPTION Enter a description for the alert policy.
    EXECUTION INTERVAL IN SECONDS Enter the execution interval in seconds to execute the alert policy periodically after the given time interval.
    EXECUTION DELAY IN SECONDS Enter the execution delay in seconds to delay the execution of the alert policy. This is applicable only when the last execution of the alert policy triggered an alert. Ideally, this value should not be less than the value you enter for the EXECUTION INTERVAL IN SECONDS option.
    ENABLE Choose to enable or disable the alert policy.
    COMPONENT TYPE Select one of the following component types for the IF policy:
    • Topic
    • Producer
    • Cluster
    • Consumer
    • Broker
    TARGET NAME Select the target name for the IF policy.

    You can add multiple WITH conditions by clicking the plus icon beside TARGET NAME.

    ATTRIBUTE Select the attribute for the policy.
    CONDITION Select the condition for the policy.
    VALUE Select the value for the policy.

    You can add multiple attributes, conditions, and values by clicking the plus icon beside VALUE.

    NOTIFICATION Select a notifier.
    PREVIEW Displays the alert that you configure. For example, IF [COMPONENT_TYPE]: [TARGET_NAME] has [METRIC] [CONDITION] [VALUE] THEN notify by [NOTIFICATION]
  5. Click Save.