Managing Alert Policies
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Alert Policies Overview

An alert policy sends notifications through a notifier based on the conditions that you configure in the alert policy.

You can configure an alert policy in Streams Messaging Manager (SMM). When an alert policy triggeres, SMM creates an alert. An alert consists of details of the policy including the alert message and the conditions that fire the alert. You can use these alerts to monitor the health of different Kafka entity types and to identify and troubleshoot problems.

You can modify alert policy names, descriptions, and can enable or disable alert policies. You can also delete alert policies.

You can check the list of alerts that occurred in the system till date on the Alerts > HISTORY page. You can check the component type, state, timestamp, and target of an alert. You can click show more to check payload details for an alert. Click ACTIONS > Mark All As Read to mark all the alerts as read. You can also click the Dismiss icon for each alert to mark the alert as read.