Apache Ambari Release Notes for HDInsight
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HDInsight Fixed Issues

The fixed issues listed here are issues that were specifically addressed to support HDInsight. For fixed issues in HDP, see the HDP HDInsight Release Notes.

Ambari 2.7.2 (Atlantic)


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
AMBARI-1101 N/A Extra logger beanutils.FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector while running Hdfs commands
AMBARI-1103 N/A Error in custom script action
AMBARI-1110 N/A Backport Ambari-24275 so that custom services can be restarted
AMBARI-1117 N/A HDI Livy2 fails to restart
AMBARI-1122 N/A Not able to submit queries through REST on templeton
AMBARI-1123 N/A webhcat mpack versioning
AMBARI-1127 N/A DAS cannot be installed when a custom component doesnt have configs
AMBARI-1157 N/A Service component configuration parameters is only available in components start() but not available in status() and when defining script based alerts
AMBARI-1163 N/A Error while starting Timeline v2 Reader during Move operation
AMBARI-1179 N/A On enabling Node Labels in ABFS configs, the folders created do not have correct permissions and owner
AMBARI-1181 N/A Ambari user interface freezes after 15-20 minutes of usage
AMBARI-1182 N/A Service components in maintenance mode are stuck in 'INSTALLATION PENDING' state for scaled up hosts.


Upgrade History page is blank after a cluster is upgraded multiple times


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
AMBARI-1147 N/A Scale-up fails with permission denied exception


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
AMBARI-1155 N/A Need Official URL for templeton

Ambari (Celtic)


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
AMBARI-1206 N/A HBase does not start in WASB cluster
AMBARI-1209, BUG-118848


HDFS service checking with an ClassNotFound Error in Ambari
AMBARI-1212 N/A Ambari component installations are done serially; unnecessary dry-runs seen with Component installations


ResourceManager is unable to start after moving from head node (hno-XXX) to slave node (zk1-XXX) in HDInsight clusters
AMBARI-1218 N/A Add a sysprep configurations to run conf-selects only a single time
BUG-1171792 N/A Remove hive.metastore.uris from hive-interactive-site
BUG-117793 N/A Fix Hive ranger plugin config issue if only HSI is present
BUG-118787 N/A Add SHS dependency for STS to role_command_order_json


The Ubuntu repository ID for the cached apt package list is generated wrong in case if were used URL with https protocol
BUG-119105, AMBARI-1218


Add a sysprep configurations to run conf-selects only a single time
AMBARI-1213 N/A Hive Service check failure in LLAP cluster type
AMBARI-1214 N/A Unable to move Hive metastore from one node to another
AMBARI-1219 N/A Ambari UI quicklinks
AMBARI-1228 N/A Unable to move Hive metastore from one node to another in WASB Secure cluster
AMBARI-1230 N/A Install HDP packages are failing - Ambari 2.7.x
AMBARI-1235 N/A Hive service check is failing after moving Hive Metastore from node to another using system tests.


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-117868, AMBARI-1197


Dashboard is unable to load. Common console error : "SEVERE TypeError: widgetGroups is undefined"