Starting Apache Hive
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Start a command-line query in LLAP mode

You can connect to HiveServer for low-latency analytics processing (LLAP) using Beeline by invoking Hive from the command line using the interactive option.

  • You have started the following components:
    • HiveServer
    • Hive Metastore
    • A database for the metastore, such as the default MySQL Server
    • Hive client services
    • You have a network connection to Beeline.
  • You have permission to access files you want to query.

    For example, you have a valid Kerberos ticket in the ticket cache before attempting to connect, or you received a user name and password to access Hive.

  • You have configured Hive LLAP.
  1. In Ambari, choose Hive, and slide the Interactive Query control by clicking to Yes:
  2. Start Beeline and Hive interactive by entering the hive command, the -c option, and the interactive keyword on a node in your cluster.
    > hive -c interactive