Adding Druid to a cluster
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Configure Apache Druid

Using Ambari facilitates configuring Apache Druid (incubating) by presenting parameters in a graphical user interface.

This task covers how to configure basic settings. You can access other settings on the Advanced tab.

Ambari populates many configuration settings based on the your previously entered settings and your environment. Although Stack Advisor provides many default settings for Druid nodes and other related entities in the cluster, you might need to manually tune the configuration parameter settings.

  1. In Configs, change the Druid Metadata storage database name to druid if necessary.
  2. From the drop-down, notice the database types that appear, and then select Derby for a quick non-production installation, the MySQL, or the Postgres database.
  3. In Metadata storage password, enter a password.
    If you selected MySQL or Postgres, setup your metadata storage database, and other settings on the Advanced tab.
  4. Review the documentation to determine if you need to change any settings.