Managing Auditing
Also available as:

Create Read-Only Admin User (Auditor)

You can create an Auditor user who has read-only access. This enables them to view, but not edit, policies and audit events so that they can understand the security controls that have been put in place.

When a user with the role “Auditor” logs in, they will see a read-only view of Ranger policies and audit events. That user can search and filter on access audit events, and access and view all tabs under Audit to understand access events. They cannot edit users or groups, export/import policies, or make changes of any kind.
  1. From the Ranger console, select Settings > Users/Groups.
  2. Click Add New User .
  3. Add the required user details, and for the field Select Role, choose Auditor.

    Adding an Auditor, Select Role = Auditor
  4. Assign any desired groups, then click Save.
    The user is immediately added to the list.