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This release provides HBase 2.0.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • HBASE-20723: Custom hbase.wal.dir results in data loss because we write recovered edits into a different place than where the recovering region server looks for them

  • HBASE-20722: Make RegionServerTracker only depend on children changed event

  • HBASE-20668: Avoid permission change if ExportSnapshot's copy fails

  • HBASE-20657: Retrying RPC call for ModifyTableProcedure may get stuck

  • HBASE-20635: Add missing shaded-pb conversion method for UserPermission

  • HBASE-20627: Relocate RS Group pre/post hooks from RSGroupAdminServer to RSGroupAdminEndpoint

  • HBASE-20579: Include original exception in wrapped exception

  • HBASE-20579: Improve snapshot manifest copy in ExportSnapshot

  • HBASE-20547: Restore from backup will fail if done from a different file system

  • HBASE-20531: RS may throw NPE when close meta regions in shutdown procedure.

  • HBASE-20495: REST unit test fails with NoClassDefFoundError against hadoop3

  • HBASE-20196: Maintain all regions with same size in memstore flusher

  • HBASE-20136: TestKeyValue misses ClassRule and Category annotations

  • HBASE-19735: Create a client-tarball assembly

  • HBASE-19478: Utilize multi-get to speed up WAL file checking in BackupLogCleaner (Toshihiro Suzuki)

  • HBASE-18135: Implement mechanism for RegionServers to report file archival for space quotas

  • HBASE-18133: Decrease quota reaction latency by HBase

  • HBASE-17549: HBase-Spark Module: Corrected - Incorrect log at println and unwanted comment cod