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Fixed Issues

Represents selected issues that were previously logged through Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release.

These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by the Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

Incorrect Results

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-91853 N/A Select count(*) returns empty (null) instead of 0 If the filter does not match any row
BUG-93880 ATLAS-2462 Sqoop import for all tables throws NPE for no table provided in command.
BUG-94623 HIVE-12505 Spark job completes successfully but there is an HDFS disk quota full error reported in driver log as below
BUG-96151 RANGER-2091 Ranger returns 302 instead of 401 if URL doesn't match policymgr_external_url


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-85267 N/A hadoop-env.sh is sourced multiple times during startup with HDFS services
BUG-88614 N/A Change index type on HL_TXNID_INDEX in the Postgres metastore database
BUG-90621 N/A Druid need to declare logrotate pkg as a dependency
BUG-95261 HADOOP-15185 Update ADLS connector to use the current version of ADLS SDK


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-104547 HIVE-10815 Add HIVE-10815 changes in spark2
BUG-73569 N/A TPCDS Query 28 - query scans the same big-table ~6x times
BUG-79774 HIVE-17116 Vectorization: Add infrastructure for vectorization of ROW__ID struct
BUG-81266 N/A Perf: Ensure ROW__ID struct vectorizes
BUG-95670 HIVE-18577, HIVE-18643 When run update/delete query on ACID partitioned table, HS2 read all each partitions.

Potential Data Loss

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-80027 HIVE-16177, HIVE-16688 Non-Acid to acid conversion doesn't handle _copy_N files

Query Failure

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-94506 PHOENIX-4525 Integer overflow in GroupBy execution


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-101452 OOZIE-2427 [Kerberos] Authentication failure for the javascript resources under /ext-2.2
BUG-103083 HBASE-20406 HBase Thrift HTTP - Shouldn't handle TRACE/OPTIONS methods
BUG-72076 N/A Best coding practices for encryption algorithm used
BUG-89037 RANGER-1868 SCA : Session Fixation
BUG-89041 RANGER-1814 SCA : Unreleased Resource: Streams
BUG-89145 RANGER-1828 Add XSS related headers in Ranger
BUG-94772 RANGER-1956 Remove command line option 'get' from CredentialBuilder API
BUG-95909 RANGER-1960 HBase auth does not take table namespace into consideration for deleting snapshot
BUG-98840 N/A Use java io filesystem methods to access local files


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-103721 HIVE-19686 Creation of spark catalog in hive db fails
BUG-103722 N/A SPARK: move spark catalog creation from thrift server to history server
BUG-103758 ZEPPELIN-3499 Deadlock between Interpreter restart and JobProgressPoller
BUG-103815 N/A Matplotlib with Python3.4 fails
BUG-103907 N/A IsolatedClientLoader should receive Apache Hadoop version
BUG-104547 HIVE-10815 Add HIVE-10815 changes in spark2
BUG-59028 YARN-5195 [YARN-5195] RM crashed with NPE while handling APP_ATTEMPT_REMOVED event
BUG-61924 TEZ-1248 Tez: disable slow-start & auto-reducer parallelism when reducer-count is small
BUG-63473 N/A JDBC dependencies are not present out-of-the box in Zeppelin interpreter configurations
BUG-66580 HIVE-14947, HIVE-16542, HIVE-16832 ACID: Multi-insert and ROW__ID uniqueness within a partition
BUG-70994 LIVY-272 Add progressInfo to Statement
BUG-72871 LIVY-304 matplotlib doesn't work in livy pyspark interpreter
BUG-72874 LIVY-305 Pot doesn't work in SparkRInterpreter of livy
BUG-72969 LIVY-307 Paragraph becomes unresponsive when no resources for executors.
BUG-74988 AMBARI-20106, TEZ-3634 [LLAP] : intermittent task container time out - long GC pauses
BUG-75560 SPARK-15848 Ref EAR-3782 / Spark unable to read partitioned table in avro format and column name in upper case
BUG-76330 N/A TPC-DS Query70 in Spark-2.1 throws grouping_id error
BUG-76859 SPARK-19439 [SPARK-19439][PYSPARK][SQL] PySpark's registerJavaFunction Should Support UDAFs
BUG-79762 N/A Failure to handle hive tables with multi-directory locations
BUG-80659 KNOX-1330, ZEPPELIN-3491 Zeppelin favicon is not displayed (going thru Knox)
BUG-82358 N/A Obsolete
BUG-83808 ZEPPELIN-2742 Unify Zeppelin's Storage Layer
BUG-83957 N/A Uber bug to track difference in result for spark2 vs hive
BUG-84804 N/A [Knox Proxy][Spark2] "Show incomplete applications" link redirection does not work
BUG-84810 SPARK-23644 [Knox Proxy][Spark2] complete application is not shown on Spark HS page
BUG-87427 SPARK-21912 Creating ORC datasource table should check invalid column names
BUG-88053 N/A Denial of Service
BUG-89295 ZEPPELIN-2970 Insecure Randomness
BUG-90314 ATLAS-2214 Search using trait attributes - "!=" and "is not null" together and in order in string,boolean tag attribute filter comparison
BUG-93099 N/A Druid-Hive(Secure) When Broker and Router running on different nodes-- queries with expression fails with org.apache.hive.druid.com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unexpected character ('<' (code 60)):
BUG-93116 RANGER-1957 Ranger Usersync is not syncing users or groups periodically when incremental sync is enabled.
BUG-93215 MAPREDUCE-6415 [MAPREDUCE-6415] Create a tool to combine aggregated logs into HAR files
BUG-93791 N/A Livy Interpreter Restart for a user should only restart that users session.
BUG-93817 ZEPPELIN-3114 Ensure Apache Zeppelin has all the scenarios covered/fixed identified in BUG-93529
BUG-94384 CALCITE-2086 HTTP 413 error while connecting to PQS via ODBC driver
BUG-94731 N/A Using timezone with positive offset from UTC throws error Hive/Druid
BUG-94799 HIVE-6091 STS doesn't clean .pipeout files
BUG-96290 HDFS-11701 NPE from Unresolved Host causes permanent DFSInputStream failures
BUG-97052 HIVE-17403 ORC concatenate can cause data loss
BUG-97090 N/A Remove dependency on commons-beanutils:commons-beanutils before version 1.9.2 for Ambari Metrics Hadoop Sink
BUG-97091 N/A Remove dependency on commons-beanutils:commons-beanutils before version 1.9.2 for Ambari Metrics Collector
BUG-97383 ZEPPELIN-3405 Zeppelin fails to display the User home page if user belongs to roles with space in its name.
BUG-97701 ZOOKEEPER-2227, ZOOKEEPER-2693, ZOOKEEPER-2726 DOS attack on wchp/wchc four letter words (4lw) : ZOOKEEPER-2693
BUG-98417 SPARK-24518 Backport: Passwords are stored in plaintext and world readable in spark config files
BUG-99735 YARN-8106 LogAggregationIndexedFileController - Can not get log meta from the log


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-100410 OOZIE-3192 Oozie runtime directories are not getting removed
BUG-104114 ZEPPELIN-3513 Zeppelin Note Creation Failure is not shown on UI
BUG-105076 HIVE-19862 Hive Server check failed because of refused connection to Hive Server 2
BUG-76309 N/A backport Fix #3517 f'No Such File' error when execute script out of druid installatio
BUG-87343 HIVE-18031 Support replication for Alter Database operation.
BUG-90454 HIVE-17840 HiveMetaStore consumes the exception if transactionalListeners.notifyEvent fail
BUG-92699 HIVE-18832 Support change management for trashing data files from ACID tables.
BUG-93116 RANGER-1957 Ranger Usersync is not syncing users or groups periodically when incremental sync is enabled.
BUG-98512 RANGER-2021, RANGER-2064 Ranger "Login Sessions" Audits impossible to browse due to 'rangerusersync'
BUG-98550 N/A Add beacon service definition to Knox for HDP 3.0.0


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-104913 N/A Hive schematool upgrade fails on EU from HDP-2.6 to HDP-3.0
BUG-105665 N/A Hive Upgrade should run kinit before table conversion if needed


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-100570 ATLAS-2557 Fix to allow to lookup hadoop ldap groups when are groups from UGI are wrongly set or are not empty
BUG-103493 RANGER-2116 Fix policy condition widget's usability on resource and tag based policies authoring pages
BUG-103667 HIVE-19688 Need to update workhouse location in Hive CTLGS table after NN HA enabled
BUG-104374 HIVE-19477 Hiveserver2 does not emit open_connections metric in http mode, HBase Stochastic LB and HFile cleaner fixes, HDFS Datanode must not delete blocks on too many open files exception
BUG-104547 HIVE-10815 Add HIVE-10815 changes in spark2
BUG-105716 HBASE-20723 'WALSplitter uses the rootDir, which is walDir, as the recovered edits root path' to HDP-2.6.5
BUG-55893 HIVE-15858 beeline ^C doesn't close the session
BUG-78509 N/A Created By is not displayed in the admin audit log pop-up
BUG-87848 RANGER-1773 Update Ranger KMS REST APIs to incorporate enunciate documentation
BUG-90314 ATLAS-2214 Search using trait attributes - "!=" and "is not null" together and in order in string,boolean tag attribute filter comparison
BUG-90513 N/A Property "ranger.add-yarn-authorization=false" needs to be manually added to Custom ranger-yarn-security via Ambari
BUG-91364 AMBARI-22506 Incorrect pie chart distribution
BUG-92272 RANGER-1912 Ranger setup fails with mariadb/mysql when binary logging is enabled
BUG-92685 HIVE-18192 Introduce Write ID per table to replace global transaction ID
BUG-96378 SPARK-23355 convertMetastore should not ignore table properties
BUG-99254 HIVE-19396 Incorrect operation name in post-hook context: 'QUERY' for 'ANALYZE TABLE' command