Managing Data Operating System
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Create New Services

The YARN Web User Interface enables you to define new standard services.

You can provide details of the new service that you want to add on the New Services page.

  1. Enter the name of the user who launches the service.
  2. Enter the Service Definition details.
    1. Service Name: Enter a unique name for the application.
    2. Queue Name: Enter the name of the YARN queue to which this application should belong.
    3. Service Lifetime: Life time of the application from the time it is in STARTED state till the time it is automatically destroyed by YARN. If you want to have unlimited life time, do not enter any value.
    4. Service Components: Enter the details of the service components such as component name, CPU required, memory, number of containers, artifact ID, and launch command. If it is a simple application like HBase, the components can be a simple role like master or regionserver. For a complex application, the components can be other nested applications with their own details.
    5. Service Configurations: Set of configuration properties that can be ingested into the application components through environments, files, and custom pluggable helper docker containers. You can upload files of several formats such as properties files, JSON files, XML files, YAML files, and template files.
    6. File Configurations: Set of file configurations that needs to be created and made available as a volume in an application component container. You can upload JSON file configurations to add to the service.
Click Save to save the application. Click Deploy to deploy the application. Click Reset to clear the details and enter details again.