Managing Data Operating System
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Monitoring Applications

Click the Applications tab to view details of the YARN applications in a tabular form.

  1. Application ID: The identifier for the application.
  2. Application Type: Specifies where the application is a Mapreduce application, YARN application, TEZ application or other application type.
  3. Application Name: Provides the name of the application
  4. User: The name of the user who is the owner of the application.
  5. State: The running state of the application.
  6. Queue: Specifies the name of the queue to which the application belongs.
  7. Progress: The progress of the application in a percentage display.
  8. Start Time: The time when an application run started.
  9. Elapsed Time: The time taken for the application run.
  10. Finished Time: The time of completion of the application run.
  11. Priority: The priority of running the application.
  12. %Cluster: The percentage of cluster resources used by the application run.