Configuring Proxy with Apache Knox
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Knox Gateway Directories Overview

Information and descriptions of file directories that are created during Knox installation.

Directories Created

Installing Knox Gateway with the platform-specific installers creates the following directories:


  • knox-X.X.X.X.X.X.X-XXXX -- the $gateway directory.

    For example, D:/hdp/knox- The directory contains the following files:

  • SystemDrive/hadoop/logs knox

    This contains the output files from the Knox Gateway.

Apache Knox Directory Layout

Directory/Filename Description
conf/topologies Contains global gateway configuration files.
bin Contains the executable shell scripts, batch files, and JARs for clients and servers.
deployments Contains cluster topology descriptor files that define Hadoop clusters.
lib Contains the JARs for all the components that make up the gateway.
dep Contains the JARs for all of the component upon which the gateway depends.
ext A directory where user-supplied extensions JARs can be placed to extends the gateway functionality.
samples Contains a number of samples that can be used to explore the functionality of the gateway.
templates Contains default configuration files that can be copied and customized.
README Provides basic information about the Apache Knox Gateway.
ISSUES Describes significant known issues.
CHANGES Enumerates the changes between releases.
LICENSE Documents the license under which this software is provided.
NOTICE Documents required attribution notices for included dependencies.
DISCLAIMER Documents that this release is from a project undergoing incubation at Apache.