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Hive Service Ports

The following table lists the default ports used by the various Hive services. (Note: Neither of these services are used in a standard HDP installation.)

Table 1.7. Hive Service Ports
Service Servers Default Ports Used Protocol Description Need End User Access? Configuration Parameters

Hive Server

Hive Server machine (Usually a utility machine) 10000 TCP or HTTP Service for programatically (Thrift/JDBC) connecting to Hive Yes (Clients who need to connect to Hive either programatically or through UI SQL tools that use JDBC) ENV Variable HIVE_PORT

Hive Web UI

Hive Server machine (Usually a utility machine) 9999 HTTP

Web UI to explore Hive schemas

Yes hive.hwi.listen.port

Hive Metastore

9083 HTTP Yes (Clients that run Hive, Pig and potentially M/R jobs that use HCatalog) hive.metastore.uris
HiveServer Interactive HSI Node 10500 TCP HiveServer2 Interactive Thrift Port hive.server2.thrift.port (hive-interactive-site)
HiveServer Web UI HiveServer Node for Web UI 10002 HTTP HiveServer2 Web UI Port hive.server2.webui.port
HiveServer HTTP mode HiveServer Node for HTTP mode 10001 HTTP HiveServer2 HTTP port hive.server2.thrift.http.port
HiveServer Interactive HTTP mode HSI node for HTTP mode 10501 HTTP HiveServer2 Interactive HTTP Port hive.server2.thrift.http.port (hive-interactive-site)
HiveServer Interactive Web UI HSI Node for Web UI 10502 HTTP HiveServer2 Interactive Web UI Port hive.server2.webui.port (hive-interactive-site)
WebHcat WebHcat Server 50111, 15551, 15004 HTTP WebHcat HTTP Port templeton.port