IOP to HDP Migration
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Mandatory Post-Upgrade Tasks

Depending on the configuration of your cluster and your current Ambari version, you must upgrade any of the following features in your cluster, as described in the following topics:

Upgrading Ambari Metrics

If your cluster includes the Ambari Metrics System (AMS) service, you must upgrade the system along with Ambari.

Adding Grafana to Ambari Metrics

If you are upgrading from IOP-4.2.0 or earlier, your Ambari Metrics service does not contain the Grafana component and it will need to be added for full functionality.

Upgrading Configurations

Certain scenarios may require that you modify configurations that Ambari did not upgrade automatically.


If you are upgrading from IOP-4.2.5, you must upgrade Ambari Infra and upgrade Ambari Log Search.

Disable Audit to Solr

Only if you are migrating from IOP 4.2.5 cluster with Ranger and Solr.

Next Steps

Restart services, only after you complete all applicable post-upgrade tasks.