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Customizing User-Agent Prefix

By default, S3A includes the current Hadoop version in the user-agent string passed through the AWS SDK to the Amazon S3 service. You may also include optional additional information to identify your application by setting the configuration property fs.s3a.fs.s3a.user.agent.prefix in core-site.xml or on the command line:

    Sets a custom value that will be prepended to the User-Agent header sent in
    HTTP requests to the S3 back-end by S3AFileSystem.  The User-Agent header
    always includes the Hadoop version number followed by a string generated by
    the AWS SDK.  An example is "User-Agent: Hadoop 2.8.0, aws-sdk-java/1.10.6".
    If this optional property is set, then its value is prepended to create a
    customized User-Agent.  For example, if this configuration property was set
    to "MyApp", then an example of the resulting User-Agent would be
    "User-Agent: MyApp, Hadoop 2.8.0, aws-sdk-java/1.10.6".

The presence of "Hadoop" in the user-agent identifies that the source of the call is a Hadoop application, running a specific version of Hadoop. Setting a custom prefix is optional, but it may assist AWS support with identifying traffic originating from a specific application.