Data Governance
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1. HDP Data Governance
Apache Atlas Features
Atlas-Ranger Integration
2. Installing and Configuring Apache Atlas Using Ambari
Apache Atlas Prerequisites
Atlas Installation
Start the Installation
Customize Services
Dependent Configurations
Configure Identities
Complete the Atlas Installation
Enable the Ranger Plugin
Configure Atlas Tagsync in Ranger
Configure Atlas High Availability
Configuring Atlas Security
Additional Requirements for Atlas with Ranger and Kerberos
Enable Atlas HTTPS
Hive CLI Security
Installing Sample Atlas Metadata
Updating the Atlas Ambari Configuration
3. Searching and Viewing Entities
Using Basic and Advanced Search
Using Basic Search
Using Advanced Search
Viewing Entity Data Lineage & Impact
Viewing Entity Details
Manually Creating Entities
4. Working with Atlas Tags
Creating Atlas Tags
Associating Tags with Entities
Searching for Entities Associated with Tags
5. Managing the Atlas Business Taxonomy (Technical Preview)
Enabling the Atlas Taxonomy Technical Preview
Creating Taxonomy Terms
Associating Taxonomy Terms with Entities
Navigating the Atlas Taxonomy
Navigation Arrows
Breadcrumb Trail
Search Terms
Back Button
Searching for Entities Associated with Taxonomy Terms
6. Apache Atlas Technical Reference
Apache Atlas Architecture
Metadata Sources
Creating Metadata: The Atlas Type System
Atlas Types
Atlas Entities
Atlas Attributes
Atlas System Types
Atlas Types API
Atlas Entity API
Atlas Entities API
Atlas Lineage API
Cataloging Atlas Metadata: Classifications and Business Taxonomy
Atlas Classifications
Atlas Business Taxonomy
Discovering Metadata: The Atlas Search API
DSL Search
DSL Search API
Full-text Search API
Searching for Entities Associated with Classifications
Integrating Messaging with Atlas
Publishing Entity Changes to Atlas
Consuming Entity Changes from Atlas
Important Atlas API Data Types
7. Apache Atlas REST API

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1.1. Atlas Overview