Apache NiFi Toolkit
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Existing Flow Migration

This tool can also be used to change the value of nifi.sensitive.props.key for an existing flow. The tool will read the existing flow.xml.gz and decrypt any sensitive component properties using the original key, then re-encrypt the sensitive properties with the new key, and write out a new version of the flow.xml.gz, or overwrite the existing one.

The current sensitive properties key is not provided as a command-line argument, as it is read directly from nifi.properties. As this file is a required parameter, the -x/--encryptFlowXmlOnly flags tell the tool not to attempt to encrypt the properties in nifi.properties, but rather to only update the nifi.sensitive.props.key value with the new key. The exception to this is if the nifi.properties is already encrypted, the new sensitive property key will also be encrypted before being written to nifi.properties.

The following command would migrate the sensitive properties key in place, meaning it would overwrite the existing flow.xml.gz and nifi.properties:

./encrypt-config.sh -f /path/to/flow.xml.gz -n ./path/to/nifi.properties -s newpassword -x

The following command would migrate the sensitive properties key and write out a separate flow.xml.gz and nifi.properties:

./encrypt-config.sh -f ./path/to/src/flow.xml.gz -g /path/to/dest/flow.xml.gz -n /path/to/src/nifi.properties -o /path/to/dest/nifi.properties -s newpassword -x