Release Notes
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NiFi Patches

This release provides NiFi 1.7.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • [NIFI-5278] - ExecuteSparkInteractive processor fails on code containing a quote
  • [NIFI-5316] - Potential bug with Fetch Parquet
  • [NIFI-5349] - DB Fetch processors do not support Expression Language for Initial Max Value
  • [NIFI-5361] - Upon restart of NiFi, some processors show Active Threads but never actually run
  • [NIFI-5362] - When user clicks "Terminate" on a processor, the processor does terminate but provides an error message
  • [NIFI-5368] - Referenced Controller Services not being validated in Mock Framework
  • [NIFI-5370] - Cluster request replication failing with wildcard certs
  • [NIFI-5377] - StandardNiFiServiceFacade: Recursive method call allows for Stack Overflow when a circular reference exists
  • [NIFI-5415] - Renamed ListenSyslogGroovyTest to ITListenSyslogGroovy
  • [NIFI-5258] - Improve handling of response headers for consistent application
  • [NIFI-5374] - Suppress stacktrace being returned to remote client when using NiFi REST API
  • [NIFI-5399] - Improve documentation to indicate that wildcard certificates are not recommended for cluster communications