Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
Also available as:

Upgrade HDF services

Ensure that you have backed up your SAM and Schema Registry databases.
  1. Confirm HDF components installed along with version (e.g.
    [root@host registry]# yum list installed | grep HDF
    hdf-select.noarch                  @HDF-3.0            
    nifi_3_0_2_0_76.x86_64      @HDF-3.0            
    registry_3_0_2_0_76.noarch     @HDF-3.0            
    storm__3_0_2_0_76.x86_64     @HDF-3.0            
    streamline_3_0_2_0_76.x86_64     @HDF-3.0            
    zookeeper_3_0_2_0_76.noarch     @HDF-3.0          
  2. Display the current version associated with each component (in below example is current version).
    [root@host registry]# hdf-select status | grep
    nifi -
    registry -
    storm-client -
    storm-nimbus -
    storm-supervisor -
    streamline -
    zookeeper-client -
    zookeeper-server -
  3. Use hdf-select to ensure appropriate links to new installed version. Note that SAM also brings down Storm and ZooKeeper dependencies that also needs to be accounted for.
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set nifi<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set registry<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set streamline<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set storm-nimbus<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set storm-supervisor<build-no>
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set zookeeper-client<build-no>
    WARNING: Replacing link /usr/bin/zookeeper-client from /usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-client/bin/zookeeper-client
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select set zookeeper-server<build-no>
    WARNING: Replacing link /usr/bin/zookeeper-server from /usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-server/bin/zookeeper-server
    WARNING: Replacing link /usr/bin/zookeeper-server-cleanup from /usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-server/bin/zookeeper-server-cleanup
  4. Confirm that hdf select shows new version for hdf components that were updated.
    [root@host ~]# hdf-select status | grep<build-no>
    nifi -<build-no>
    registry -<build-no>
    storm-nimbus -<build-no>
    storm-supervisor -<build-no>
    streamline -<build-no>
    zookeeper-client -<build-no>
    zookeeper-server -<build-no>
  5. Log into Ambari and start NiFi, NiFi Registry, SAM and Schema Registry. Confirm all applications started and pre-existing flows/topologies/configurations are available.