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Variable Scope

Variables are scoped by the Process Group they are defined in and are available to any Processor defined at that level and below (i.e. any descendant Processors).

Variables in a descendant group override the value in a parent group. More specifically, if a variable x is declared at the root group and also declared inside a process group, components inside the process group will use the value of x defined in the process group.

For example, in addition to the putfile_dir variable that exists at the root process group, assume another putfile_dir variable was created within Process Group A. If one of the components within Process Group A references putfile_dir, both variables will be listed, but the putfile_dir from the root group will have a strikethrough indicating that is being overridden:

A variable can only be modified for the process group it was created in, which is listed at the top of the Variables window. To modify a variable defined in a different process group, select the "arrow" icon in that variable's row:

which will navigate to the Variables window for that process group: