Installing HDF Services on an Existing HDP Cluster for IBM Power Systems
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Upgrade Ambari Server

  1. Upgrade Ambari Server. On the host running Ambari Server:

    • For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux:

      yum clean all
      yum info ambari-server

      In the info output, visually validate that there is an available version containing "2.6"

      yum upgrade ambari-server
  2. Check for upgrade success by noting progress during the Ambari Server installation process you started in Step 5.

    • As the process runs, the console displays output similar, although not identical, to the following:

      Setting up Upgrade Process Resolving Dependencies --> Running transaction check

    • If the upgrade fails, the console displays output similar to the following:

      Setting up Upgrade Process No Packages marked for Update

    • A successful upgrade displays output similar to the following:

      Updated: ambari-server.noarch 0:2.6.1-143 Complete!


    Confirm there is only one ambari-server*.jar file in /usr/lib/ambari-server. If there is more than one JAR file with name ambari-server*.jar, move all JARs except ambari-server-2.6.*.jar to /tmp before proceeding with upgrade.