Upgrading Cloud Controller

The ADVANCED template allows you to use an external RDS database to preserve the metastore list, cluster templates, history, and so on, associated with a cloud controller. When upgrading a cloud controller, you transfer all this information to your new cloud controller.

You have an existing cloud controller that you created using the advanced template (with an external RDS).


  1. Terminate all clusters associated with the cloud controller.
  2. Delete cloud controller CFN stack.
  3. Launch a new cloud controller using the ADVANCED template. When specifying cloud controller parameters:
    • Provide the same username, password, and SSH key.
    • Point to the RDS instance that was previously used by the original cloud controller.
    • Use the same VPC and subnet.
  4. Log in to the newly created cloud controller. The metastore list, cluster templates, and history associated with the previously used cloud controller will be preserved.