Installing HCP with Ambari
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Specifications for Hadoop Cluster

All Hadoop-related nodes running HCP must meet operating system, HDP, and cluster requirements.

All Hadoop-related nodes must meet the following specifications:

  • All cluster nodes must be running CentOS 6.x, CentOS 7.x, or Ubuntu 14.04

  • The cluster must be running HDP 2.5.x or HDP 2.6.x managed by Ambari 2.4.2 (or later)

  • The cluster must have a minimum of the following nodes:

    • Two Hadoop master nodes

    • Four Hadoop slaves nodes

    • One node for Ambari

  • Each of the Hadoop Slave and Master nodes must meet the minimum specifications.

  • The following services must be installed across the Hadoop Master and Slave nodes:
    • HDFS

    • HBase

    • ZooKeeper

    • Kafka

    • Storm

    • YARN

    • Spark 2.3.0 or later
    To determine the supported version for each service, refer to Ambari, and choose Admin > Stacks and Versions.
  • Each of the following components must be installed on at least one node. The YARN ATS must installed on the master node. All other services in the list should be installed on multiple nodes.


    For security reasons, no other workloads should be running on the cluster.

    Ambari Component