HCP 1.8.0 Release Notes
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Known Differences Between HCP 1.8.0 and HCP 1.7.1

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.7.0 and HCP 1.7.1.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.8.0 and HCP 1.7.1
Feature Description
METRON-1936 Cypress fails when trying to parse double quotes
METRON-1815 Separate metron-parsers into metron-parsers-common and metron-parsers-storm
METRON-1932 Update ES and Kibana to 5.6.14
METRON-1938 Add Parser Debugger to READMEs
METRON-1925 Support Column Oriented Input with Batch Profiler
METRON-1795 General Purpose Regex Parser
METRON-1892 Parser Debugger Should Load Config From Zookeeper
METRON-1937 Update public web site to point at 0.7.0 new release
METRON-1879 Allow Elasticsearch to Auto-Generate the Document ID
METRON-1930 Update webpack-dev-server in Alerts UI
METRON-1849 Elasticsearch Index Write Functionality Should be Shared
METRON-1938 Bump Metron version to 0.7.0 for release
METRON-1931 Update dev utilities to support new repo location
METRON-1922 Escaping incorrectly handled in current aesh version
METRON-1867 Remove `/api/v1/update/replace` endpoint
METRON-1810 Storm Profiler Intermittent Test Failure
METRON-1909 Remove http filter from release utils changelog generation
METRON-1869 Unable to Sort an Escalated Meta Alert
METRON-1889 Add any missing timestamp fields to unified enrichment topology
METRON-1913 Build broken by missing transitive dependency
METRON-1845 Correct Test Data Load in Elasticsearch Integration Tests
METRON-1888 Default Topology Settings in MPack Cause Profiler to Stall
METRON-1887 Add logging to the ClasspathFunctionResolver
METRON-1873 Update Bootstrap version in Management UI
METRON-1825 Upgrade bro to 2.5.5
METRON-1890 Metron Vagrant should disable audio
METRON-1874 Create a Parser Debugger
METRON-1880 Use Caffeine for Profiler Caching
METRON-1877 Nested IF ELSE statements can cause parse errors in Stellar
METRON-1872 Move rat plugin away from snapshot version
METRON-1875 Expose configurable global settings in the Alerts UI
METRON-1834 Migrate Elasticsearch from TransportClient to new Java REST API
METRON-1749 Update Angular to latest release in Management UI
METRON-1870 Intermittent Stellar REST test failures
METRON-1868 metron-committer-common incorrectly checking REPO_NAME
METRON-1740 Improve Palo Alto parser to handle CONFIG and SYSTEM syslog messages