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Known Differences Between HCP 1.7.1 and HCP 1.7.0

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.7.0 and HCP 1.6.1.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.7.1 and HCP 1.7.0
Feature Description
METRON-1847 Create reusable script with functions from prepare-commit
METRON-1850 Stellar REST function
METRON-1858 BasicFireEyeParser check style cleanup and optimization
METRON-1864 Stellar date format test fails after daylight saving
METRON-1861 REST fails to start when LDAP enabled and 'Active Spring profiles' config is empty
METRON-1853 Add shutdown hook to Stellar BaseFunctionResolver
METRON-1857 Fix Metaalert Nested Alert Field Name in Index Template
METRON-1855 Make unified enrichment topology the default and deprecate split-join
METRON-1790 Unsubscribe from every observable in the pcap panel UI component
METRON-1803 Integrate Cypress with Travis
METRON-1844 Allow for LDAP to be used for authentication and roles
METRON-1830 Re-implement Alerts dialog box without jQuery
METRON-1801 Allow Customization of Elasticsearch Document ID
METRON-1826 Update librdkafka and devtoolset
METRON-1839 Install Elasticsearch MPack Step in Ansible Not Idempotent
METRON-1833 Management UI incorrectly displaying sensor topology latency units as seconds instead of millis
METRON-1829 Large Error Message Causes Slow Search Performance
METRON-1831 Project Version Substitution Not Working
METRON-1816 Date format Stellar function
METRON-1681 Decouple the ParserBolt from the Parse execution logic
METRON-1820 Update to new Simple-Syslog-5424 version to support error handling
METRON-1805 Provide a default value for the Storm topology.max.spout.pending setting
METRON-1821 Align prepare-release-candidate with documentation
METRON-1801 Allow Customization of Elasticsearch Document ID
METRON-1799 Remove outdated bylaws from site.