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Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.1 and HCP 1.6.0

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.6.1 and HCP 1.6.0.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.1 and HCP 1.6.0
Feature Description
METRON-1725 Add ability to specify YARN queue for pcap jobs
METRON-1731 Escape colons in output dir names
METRON-1702 Reload a running job in the UI
METRON-1722 PcapCLI should print progress to stdout
METRON-1730 Update steps to run pycapa on Centos 6
METRON-1713 PCAP UI - Add a way to kill a pcap job
METRON-1723 PCAP UI - Unable to select/copy from packets details in PCAP query panel
METRON-1712 PCAP UI - Input validation
METRON-1720 Better error messages when there are no results or wireshark is not installed
METRON-1726 Refactor PcapTopologyIntegrationTest
METRON-1683 PCAP UI - Fix the download progress bar
METRON-1675 PCAP UI - Introduce the paging capability
METRON-1721 New default input path is wrong in pcap CLI
METRON-1662 PCAP UI - Downloading PCAP page files
METRON-1700 Create REST endpoint to get job configuration
METRON-1671 Create PCAP UI
METRON-1701 Update General notes on the installation of Pycapa on Kerberized cluster
METRON-1650 Packaging docker containers are too large
METRON-1640 Add RHEL 7 power pc to OS family for the HCP management pack repo info
METRON-1694 Clean up Metron REST docs