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Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.0 and HCP 1.5.1

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.6.0 and HCP 1.5.1.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.0 and HCP 1.5.1
Feature Description
METRON-1236 Add start/stop/restart commands that execute successfully, when ambari agents run as non-root user
METRON-1607 Add a 'wrap' to incoming messages in the metron json parser
METRON-1619 Stellar empty collections should be considered false in boolean expressions
METRON-1620 Fixes for forensic clustering use case example
METRON-1621 Sorting alerts table by score
METRON-1631 Alerts UI: Dash score does not show if only filtering by one group
METRON-1635 Alerts UI status update doesn't immediately show up
METRON-1636 Fix broken unit test setup in metron-alerts
METRON-1642 KafkaWriter should be able choose the topic from a field in addition to topology construction time
METRON-1643 Create a REGEX_ROUTING field transformation
METRON-1644 Support parser chaining
METRON-1645 Check wether the Solr management pack is installed before configuring the solr principal name
METRON-1646 Sensor Stubs should work when kerberized
METRON-1647 Fix logging level score
METRON-1649 Intermittent Test Failure ProfileBuilderBoltTest#testFlushExpiredProfiles
METRON-1651 Parser aggregation in storm
METRON-1652 Document X-Pack Common Problem
METRON-1655 Make REGEXP_MATCH take multiple regexs in the 2nd arg
METRON-1656 Create KAKFA_SEEK function
METRON-1657 Parser aggregation in storm
METRON-1658 Upgrade bro to 2.5.4
METRON-1659 The platform-info.sh should check for the vagrant hostmanager plugin
METRON-1660 On Solr, sorting by threat score fails
METRON-1670 Stellar WEEK_OF_YEAR test is locale sensitive
METRON-1672 Add metron-alerts's UI unit tests to travis build process
METRON-1673 Fix Javadoc errors
METRON-1684 Fix Markdown problems in 3rdPartyParser.md