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Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.0 and Apache Metron 0.5.0

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.6.0 and Apache 0.5.0.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.6.0 and Apache 0.5.0
Feature Description
METRON-1555 Update REST to run YARN and MR jobs
METRON-1560 Update MPack to support Pcap panel
METRON-1562 Enable Kerberos in REST for YARN and MR jobs
METRON-1606 Add a 'wrap' to incoming messages in the metron json parser
METRON-1614 Create job status abstraction
METRON-1641 Enable Pcap jobs to be submitted asynchronousl
METRON-1638 Retrieve Pcap results in pdml format
METRON-1649 Intermittent Test Failure ProfileBuilderBoltTest#testFlushExpiredProfiles
METRON-1651 Parser aggregation in storm
METRON-1652 Document X-Pack Common Problem
METRON-1655 Make REGEXP_MATCH take multiple regexs in the 2nd arg
METRON-1656 Create KAKFA_SEEK function
METRON-1661 Create Pcap Query Filter endpoint
METRON-1672 Add metron-alerts's UI unit tests to travis build process
METRON-1674 Create REST endpoint for job status abstraction
METRON-1685 Retrieve Pcap results in raw binary format
METRON-1686 Create stop job endpoint for Pcap queries
METRON-1690 Add more context to PcapJob JobStatus
METRON-1691 REST should limit the number of Pcap jobs a user can submit
METRON-1693 Fix Pcap CLI local FS finalizer